Yasmina Andrawis

Daughter and disciple of the great Egyptian master Fathy Andrawis. Director of Artdrawis Dance and Karnak School, the oldest school of Spain with more than 20 years of experience. She had officially represented Egypt Embassy in many occasions getting to know ministers, ambassadors and personalities. She was the first one that programmed an Oriental Dance show on a theatre in Spain, and has also produced and directed shows in Teatro de Madrid, Fernán Gómez, Arlequín, Arenal, Calderón, Real Coliseo, Carlos III. She is the most known oriental dancer in Spain with more than a hundred participations on the radio and TV.









Cristina Gadea

Director from 2008 of her own Oriental Dance school in the centre of Madrid. She collaborates in lots of national festivals as a dancer and teacher. She is part of an American Company called “Bellydance Evolution” created by Jillina and with this company she tours around Europe and United States. In August 2012 is one of the finalist of the contest “Project Bellydance” created by Michelle Joyce in San Francisco (USA). In 2013 she toured around USA dancing and teaching in workshops in New York with “Bellyqueen” company. Director of Ballet Amateur Ballet Oriental formed by students of her own school and of her professional company “Dream Bellydance Company” she works in Morocco









Sahra Ardah

Director of her own school in Madrid, disciple of the great Egyptian master Zaza Hassan, is the first and only Spaniard recognised by him for her job and teacher of his original method. Producer and director of her own company called Sáhara and “Ballet Qamar Al Sahara”, she travelled around Spain, Italy, France and Colombia. Creator of “El Rincón De la Danza Oriental”, the first free tutorial of Oriental Dance in Spanish with more than 10.000 subscribers and more than 3 million views and author of an instructive DVD of the same name that has been a success all over the world.